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The art and soul of the AMT 1 watch comes from the passion of Ben Alvarez, the creative designer behind BTI, Benjamin Timepieces, Inc. of New York City.

Inspired to create a revolutionary timepiece that would set a new precedent for watch design, Benjamin created a watch which incorporates totally innovative processes, materials and manufacturing techniques.

Drawn to the aesthetics and function of high-performance, superior-quality goods, Ben spent many years studying the technology and construction of luxury items such as automobiles, airplanes, high-end electronics, jewelry and watches. He discovered that while most luxury goods were poised to enter the 21st century with many cutting-edge advancements in materials and fabrication, the watch industry was not keeping up with the times.

With an inventor's gift for innovation, an artist's sensibility for beauty and style, and an engineer's eye for precision, Ben set out to reinvent the wrist watch - to create the highest-quality timepiece, using the most advanced methods and materials available, and to do it solely in the United States.

As a pioneer in modern watchmaking, Ben ventured into the frontier of a new era in watches.

It took Ben nearly five years to realize his dream of creating a watch that departs from traditional timepieces in design, components, and technical innovations. He carefully researched high-tech advancements in the aerospace and military industries, sought out the best available materials and assembly processes he could find, and persistently, sometimes even aggressively, directed the fabrication of completely custom parts.

The result of Ben's dedication is the groundbreaking *AMT 1 watch.
*American Made Timepiece

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