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BTI ventured beyond the tools and materials traditionally used in watchmaking to create a timepiece that defies convention. Every single component adheres to specifications established to fit the exclusive, patented design of the AMT 1 watch. The parts were created in ultra-precision manufacturing facilities in the USA - alongside projects commissioned by the largest military contractors in the country.

The AMT 1 is different from any other watch ever introduced in the following ways:

DIAL: Made with a single point turned finish, the domed dial echoes the curves of the underside of the hour hand. The arc of the dial creates pockets of space for the calendar sub-dials.

HANDS: Custom machined from a solid aluminum billet, the slotted hands resemble tuning forks. The hands curve in relation to the dial and the crystal and mark time in a smooth sweep defining the three-dimensional space. The hands are made in New York by a firm that specializes in aerospace and medical device manufacturing.

CRYSTAL: The crystal of fused-silica, made by the same manufacturer that creates optics for guidance missiles, is coated with diamond-like carbon (DLC) and has a ranking of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. The shape of the domed crystal reflects the arc of the dial, and hands, creating a series of concentric curves. The case back window crystal is sapphire. The clear crystal exposes the beauty and precision of the mechanism with its decorated rotor and gold cylinder weights.

HOUR MARKERS: Made of gemstones and precious metals, the markers are embedded directly into the crystal creating an unbroken expanse of three-dimensional space between the dial and the crystal. CROWN: The domed crown, secured to the stem from opposite sides with two hex screws, is attached to a diamond drawn stainless tube coated with ultra-hard friction reducing titanium nitride.

CASES: Protected by a diamond coating, the cases are made from stainless steel with mirror polished, matte, natural or black finishes.

STRAPS: Sleek and sophisticated, the straps are fashioned from deluxe saltwater crocodile skins. They are padded and stitched for extra comfort and fitted with a cushion core to conform to the wrist and keep the watch in a set position on the arm.

WATER-RESISTANCE: The unique internal waterproofing seals are non-degrading and service free. Gaskets and special seals protect seven points of potential leaks. The crystal and case back gaskets, similar to standard O-Ring gaskets, are custom made by Gore-tex Sealants and are non-aging. A two-component seal protects the crown and four calendar corrector pushers. A non-aging gland is encapsulated inside a micro spring-loaded energizer, exerting force to both the inside and the outside of the seal creating a dual-pressure seal that renders AMT 1 water-resistant up to 30 meters.

WATCH ASSEMBLY: BTI's timepieces are assembled, finished, and quality controlled in the USA by SUPERIOR WATCH SERVICE INC., a service center for high-end mechanical watches. Superior has also been selected as the exclusive, authorized after-sales service for BTI.

SWISS MOVEMENT: The AMT 1 watch depends upon the reliability and precision of the prestigious Dubois-Depraz sub-dial calendar mechanism, built on the components of a Swiss decorated ETA 2892A2 automatic mechanical movement. The four-year perpetual timepiece (with no leap year functions) is fitted with four calendar correctors on the side of the case for easy and quick adjustments. The movement is the only component of the AMT 1 watch not made in the USA

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