A Discussion About Watch Winders

with Jack Freedman, President
Superior Watch Service Inc.

I'm often asked how Superior Watch Service Inc. became involved in distribution of watch winders for automatic watches.

As an internationally recognized factory authorized service center for prestigious Swiss watch brands, my company has long been on the forefront of developing creative solutions for repairing movements, cases, and other watch parts. Over the years, we have designed and made hand tools, jigs and various small devices with which we are able to offer factory-type work required for specific repairs. In addition, our company has committed well over a hundred thousand dollars in tools, equipment and spare parts to maintain a first class service center for the brands we service.

A number of years ago, we co-developed one of the most sophisticated Swiss water resistant testing machines and were a US distributor of those testers, which are intended for watch shops and service centers. At that time we noticed the availability of other special equipment connected with timepieces. As my firm specializes in service of fine mechanical watches, including all types of automatics and perpetual calendars (which have made quite a strong comeback in the last few years), we were, in 1990, the first to realize the potential of bringing to the consumer a watch winder for automatic watches.

The products we decided to carry were primarily designed for and used by skilled watchmakers as equipment for quality control following repairs done on customer's timepieces. Relatively few winders were previously sold annually as, by and large, these machines weren't promoted for the consumer market. For the most part, only professional watchmakers were aware that these products even existed.

After careful research, we found that consumers were willing to pay a reasonable price for a professional watch winder that could be entrusted to keep expensive automatic and calendar timepieces on the correct time and date. Most people will not take a chance strapping a $1,000+ watch on a cheap homemade gizmo winder. Our professionally engineered watch winders are functional and reliable.

We are involved in research and development of new watch winders of superior quality, which we hope to introduce to the market at reasonable prices. I thank all those who took their time to write and offer comments or suggestions. It's our aim to bring you the best products we can which will meet your complete satisfaction.

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